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Aug. 15th, 2008 @ 01:17 pm Long time no post...
So, for those don't know yet...

I turned in my resignation after 8.5 years here yesterday.

Its had its ups and downs, but largely money and being much closer to home prompted the change.

Granted, my wife will be staying here for now, but I'll be making much more in the new job, with field work possibilities. Slightly later hours, especially at first where we'll need to share the car and/or get Mo from daycare much earlier. But well, gotta make some sacrifices to get ahead right?

The hardest part for me right now will be that I will be switching from a 15 day (bi-monthly) pay cycle, to once per month. (End of the month!)

Coolest parts for me...prior to getting into the job really...

The place I'll be working in has a great environment. Seriously, beautiful. Its in Kimberton, right near the Kimberton Inn. Those who know Phoenixville/Kimberton or have driven through it, will probably know what I mean. When I went to the interview I was way early, so I sat there watching the lake that is basically right where I'll be.

Then I went in, they had me fill out an app (standard) and while I waited for the interview I heard what sounded like keys jingling. It went on for like 2 mins and sounded like it was getting closer so I wondered who would do that in an office. Then another thought occurred to me as I heard the sound coming down the stairs and a dog came running over to sniff the new guy. After giving me tons of affection, he followed me and the interviewer into the conference room and laid down.

When I had my second interview the next day, the dog came to see me as I left, just as affectionate before. So, I get to work with an office dog!

So in summary:

-More money
-VERY nice environment
-Doing the same work I've loved for 10+ years
-Trying to figure out a new way to budget...and gotta make sure I don't over spend thinking I can afford too ;)
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Jun. 28th, 2006 @ 11:02 am Returns....
Posted this over on Otakubooty.com too...

Saw the 10 pm showing of this on Tuesday...

I haven't said this about many films of late, especially since I've got a kid. I *need* to see this movie again. I think it just topped my "comic book movies" list. Seriously, it’s done that good.

Singer does a very nice job of making it a direct sequel to Superman 2. Basically, Superman has left us for 5 years to try and find what may have happened to his people. He comes back, and the world has moved on, Lois included.

They have a few quotes that come directly from the original two movies, draw quite a few parallels to them as well. (Such as Superman's first rescue in the Reeve versions and this one) Routh really does a great job for his first major time out. He looks/acts like Reeve a bit in the role, and better, sounds like him. Spacey is just phenomenal too. Even Bosworth, who I generally don't like, was good.

The movie shines in story telling and effects. You'll pick up so many little nuances if you watch. Various effects that can happen such as when you hit the speed of sound, or even simple ripples from impact.

Basically, it’s an all around terrific flick to see. Oh, and the Spiderman 3 trailer should play for you before the movie begins. Geek ecstasy.
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Jun. 27th, 2006 @ 04:28 pm Superman Returns...and Spiderman
I'm betting since it was released today, this shows up on Superman Returns as well:



I've just been re-watching this over and over...just wow. First, we have 3 villians. Two of whom are shown in the trailer.
Some are claiming its supposed to be Hobgoblin, but it really looks like Franco if you pause it towards the end when you see him slam the wall. (Yes, franco is also shown with a pumpkin bomb exploding near him...I'm thinking its a ruse)

Either way, it looks like they may have removed the big metal mask for the goblin, which I'm all for. I prefer to see the emotion on the face.

They clearly show Sandman....wow. I can't wait to see more. After the Mummy and its sequel, I was waiting to see someone just bring about Spidey's Sandman. And it looks like an awesome casting choice, cuz Sandman is a torn villian. He's gone good and bad in the comics...and usually bad for specific reasons.

Then...we have the symbiote. :) You can clearly see they are using what appears to be the cartoon from the 90's version of the symbiote tale. They set it up in #2. JJ's son is an astronaut...comes back carrying the symbiote, it infects Peter, makes him do weird things when he sleeps. (It feeds off adrenaline) And, in the end he gets it off using a church bell's gonging. For those who read the comics, you know its simply removing the F4 team from helping him. It even looks like they show the moment when the suit bonded with Brock, but didn't come out. (Basically imparted knowledge)

Hopefully we'll see Supes at 10 pm tonight and this in full big screen glory!
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May. 12th, 2006 @ 06:44 am (no subject)

Snake takes it to the price war!
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May. 8th, 2006 @ 10:01 pm Dog time!
So, we finally managed to find a dog we like. http://pics.livejournal.com/cassandramorgan/gallery/00004b99

Her name is Bella. She's 11 weeks old. A sheltie/pom mix. She's not got the yappiness of pom, but goddamn she can be loud if she's upset.
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May. 1st, 2006 @ 04:59 pm *sigh*
So, I'm pretty much fed up with the fucking dog hunt. Either we find a dog we love, and can't get due to various reasons. Rejected cuz of having cats, rejected cuz the people are clueless on vacinations, never even contacted back, (this is the most frequent!!!) or the dog is already adopted. In one case, the people decided to not go through with it, at least the rescue FINALLY contacted me back after repeated tries. We've been using Petfinder, various SPCA/Rescue/Shelter sites in the area. Even checked into Craig's list, etc.

So, at this point, I've actually been contacted back by one person about this dog. A Shiba Inu/Jindo mix. Both are asian dogs, both bred for hunting originally. Both are very low barkers, jindos are medium size, shiba's small. (They look like mini huskies) He has the color pattern of a shiba, and the "red" parts are jindo's typical colors. Gets along with kids, cats, etc. Even very good with house training and such! (And crate trained, but prefers the family over crate.)

I'm just hoping to hear good news back on this dog. My goal has been to try and get an affordable pet, under 300 dollars right now. It has to be 1-2 yrs old minimum, aka- out of the puppy stage. I don't mind older, but past 8 is probably too old. I'd like it to not leave us so soon. We've been looking at corgis, dashchunds and shiba's for the most part. Even mixes of these. Trying to avoid wiry hair due to allergies...why is it so freaking hard when I can find so many in the area to just get an answer back even on them!

Anyhow, we've been looking at other dog breeds as well, but even then its been a pain in the ass. The one shelter we saw a collie mix in, we got to see the dog, and then got kicked out. They made us wait so long we got to see it for five minutes, and then asked to leave. It looked more border collie than anything too.

One of the other 3 we went to look at makes you apply for a dog, waits for other apps, then judges who's best....wtf. (We actually applied for a shepard pup there...they were just too cute.) We may end up trying to go back to one shelter and seeing if the beagle they had there is still in...even though its wiry haired.

I think we've been in six or seven different shelters now, and like none of em make it easy. I think what's even worse is that with some of them, they charge 300+ for an ADULT dog. Why? They haven't raised it, many are found fixed, and they might have to question the shots. We're talking about dogs that clearly read: Stray/Found or dropped off and have not even a week ago's date. So, they pay nothing to get it, and in many cases, nothing to fix it...yes, they have other dogs, but their own estimated costs are like 85 per dog for EVERYTHING. (including bording them for like 4 months...) I just don't get it at all when they charge well over 200 bux.

I see all these signs against puppy mills...but meanwhile, those mills make it easier to get a dog, even if it could have issues. (In PA, thats almost a moot point, what with dog lemon laws...) So, the other choice is breeders, which we'll turn to at worst. The problem is many of the breeders in the area are NOT in the area. 200+ miles in some cases. They don't tend to keep adults either, as they breed on demand in many cases. A few breed as the dogs like, and have some adults, but charge like 800+ dollars for em. (And yes, that's a non-show corgi price, 1200+ for a corgi show pup)

Man, when I was a kid, shit wasn't this hard for owning a dog.
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Apr. 13th, 2006 @ 10:57 am In other news....
Apparantly, Cass and I are unfit for owning a dog according to some SPCA's and shelters. Since we missed one shot on each of our cats last June when we moved. Distemper. W T F. Distemper isn't needed by law, and it isn't spreadable between cats/dogs. Plus our cats are 100% indoors. They dislike even being near a door open to the outside. Distemper isn't also half as deadly in cats as it is dogs, and has mounting proof, along with rabies shots (which we always keep current) that it doesn't even need boosters! Blah.

I just don't get how not getting one shot means we obviously can't take care of a dog, that isn't a puppy and should already have its shots/alterations done. I can see that it might mean we'd be cruel, or we don't care about the health...but our cats are 6 yrs old this year. (June) We've had them since they were 3 months old. (August of 2000) We've taken them through like 3 different moves, always gone to the same vet and even been told we get overly worried because our female had a bad UTI a few times and we insisted she be tested for various things. The doc didn't do half of them, but how many people actually ASK to have costly procedures done...for an animal...without being prompted?

Anyhow, we're looking at getting anything out of the puppy stage, but not really older than 4 years. Medium sized or smaller. My preferred breeds are corgi and shiba inu. I know Cass is looking at corgis, shibas, daschunds (long haired) and a few other mixes.

Honestly, I think the corgi-chiauaua mix is the ugliest thing we've seen on petfinder. (for a mix breed) Its like a mini hyena...ugh.
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Apr. 13th, 2006 @ 10:10 am 1 day to the Daleks!
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Man, its Thursday morning, and 1 day left until we get to hear the sweet sweet garbly daelek voices screaming about extermination....

So can't wait.

This new Dr Who series really is awesome, and thanks to SciFi we get to see it on US TV. Still get a nice lil shudder when I hear the theme that I first heard and loved when I was 25 years younger. LOL. (And happy belated birthday to SailorAndromeda who actually hit 25 recently too. ;))

Still playing KH2 almost nightly. They actually cut two worlds back off from me. Agrabah (Which I completed) and Pride Lands...on the plus side though, the story line which did it was quite good. The game, in general, was weak on the Disney aspect until the point I'm at now. For those of you who have played/are playing...without too big of a spoiler, its after you complete the first few Tron Missions...and when you learn about Organization XIII's plan and Maleficent's.

The playing through the damn movies again is a bit tiresome though. IN that aspect, I really loved Tron. They actually departed from the storyline and got some leeway. I imagine most of the...repeated story on Disney's side has to do with not being allowed to mess with the continuity.

So can't wait to get home tonight...for various reasons, including KH2. ;)
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Apr. 11th, 2006 @ 02:03 pm (no subject)
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For those who have ever wondered:

Sex in the MRI. Yes, this *is* 9 months old, but not many have seen it among my friends. Its an actual study done, and yes, the pics are safe for work, they are MRI scans.
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Apr. 7th, 2006 @ 09:11 am Post 1 for today...Kingdom Hearts 2
So, playing KH2 "with" the kid. I say "with" because she's really sitting on the side directing me more than anything. I have to give the game some good marks for decent ideas...and ugh at some lousy ones.

First off, revisiting most of the last game is kinda ugh to me. First game, we closed off all the worlds, now we're opening them back up...the huge ass prologue was a bit overmuch as well. Especially if you never played Chain of Memories. The synthesis stuff is also kinda messy. Not very clear on how it works if you don't mess with it for a bit. Other than that, its mostly what the original game was...with one decent addition:

Reaction commands. (and to a lesser degree, limits)

These alone help make the game shine IMO. I'm now up to Hercule's Stadium. Basically, you get forced into it, as the paths just converge on it. The last world I did was Beasts. They used reaction commands a lot more frequently than anything prior, and especially the final bosses fight in there is awesome to see what can happen with the commands. If you beat the boss without using "slingshot" I suggest you go back to a prior save and try it again!

Limits are also pretty awesome in the game...and so is the "drive" mode...even though it seems more of an after thought...

Limits allow you to combine Sora and the character you're with into a fighting force. First ones you'll see is either Mulan and Sora in Red Rocket, or Sora and Beast. (Forget the name of the move) The f/x are not to be missed...but the coolest one I've seen so far was also marred by one real UGH part of the game.

Hearing James Woods constantly saying: "FEEL THE HEAT" every 2 seconds. I like Woods, I like the level and its objectives....they could have not made his character repeatedly freaking say it.

Drive mode is when Sora can use two keyblades at once, ala- the hidden ending of part 1. Looks awesome, barely seems used so far. If you have a "character" in your group, its unusable. If your in certain areas....its unusable. WTF? Over half the game for me so far, its been unusable. Why?
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